Doorstep Waste Collection in Lubbock


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Lubbock Recycling


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Doorstep Trash Collection in Amarillo


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Apartment Pet Waste Removal in Lubbock

Tenant Resident

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Conveniently from your Doorstep to your Dumpster

There are many advantages to choosing Western Valet for your maintenance needs, including:

  • Reduced waste cost
  • Increased time to deal with other management issues
  • Happier tenants
  • Less stressed staff
  • Clean, attractive and sanitary property
  • Increased property value
  • Reduction in overflow from on-site dumpster
  • Less hoarding and waste accumulation
  • Reduction in bugs and rodents
  • Competitive advantages over other complexes
  • Reduced risk of crime because our team is taking out the trash!
Western Valet