Frequently Asked Questions

Waste Management Recycling in Amarillo

Q: What are the advantages?

A: One of the great things about having a doorstep trash collection service is its convenience. You don’t have to carry big, heavy bags to the dumpster or worry about inclement weather.

Q: What if I occasionally have more trash than will fit in my WVM trashcan?

A: Additional trash in non-logoed trashcans will be removed as long as it accompanied with the WVM logoed trash can. If you do not have an extra trashcan then please place additional sacked trash next to the WVM trashcan. Please double sack any leaky trash, and we encourage you to use a trashcan with any bagged trash that could potentially leak.

Q: Can I get another WVM trashcan?

A: Additional trashcans can be purchased through your complex.