Our Services

Doorstep Waste Collection

Apartment Doorstep Waste Collection in Amarillo
  • Doorstep waste collection is a popular service among tenants because it is convenient and easy. This service helps management create higher retention rates among current and future tenants. It also optimizes your waste management system while reducing costs and increasing curb appeal.

Doorstep Recycling

Doorstep Recycling in Lubbock
  • We are committed to keeping the environment clean and are pleased to offer door step recycling.
  • We accept glass, cans, paper and cardboard. All of these can be mixed together in the same bag.
  • We do not accept or recycle electronics, greasy paper, pizza boxes, oils, and other chemicals not typically recyclable.
  • Other items not accepted include: motor oil containers, butter or margarine containers, lids, plastic sacks, styrofoam, plastic toys, poison or pesticide bottles.
  • Please have all items dried and unsoiled. Rinse bottles and crush aluminum cans when possible.
  • We will provide your tenants with labels to place on their trash sacks for recyclables.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your recycling needs then you can call us on our corporate line at (806)368-5878.

Pet Waste Removal

Apartment Pet Waste Removal in Amarillo
  • This service eliminates the headache of dealing with any pet waste. We provide a station that allows your tenants to clean up after their furry friends. We also provide a convenient clean-up service to remove pet waste that tenants have not disposed of themselves.
  • A pet station will be placed in a location of your choice and serviced by our team. Pet waste will be transported to the dumpster at night along with other waste.
  • We will provide a free waste station with a two year contract agreement between your company and Western Valet Maintenance.

Common and Pool Area Cleaning

Pool Area Cleaning
  • With this service, we will clean the pool area, common area bathrooms, remove waste, and clear cobwebs.
  • We can offer a detailed proposal to take on additional cleaning or maintenance tasks which management does not have time to complete.

Bulk Waste Removal

Bulk Waste Removal in Lubbock
  • This service will be offered on an individual basis at a set price per item, and may vary depending on volume. It allows tenants to discard heavy items that do not typically fit in a trashcan or dumpster. For example, we will take trash, mattresses and bed frames to the dumpster or haul the items off-site to avoid dumpster over-flow.

Flier Distribution

Lubbock Flier Distribution
  • Flier Distribution is a new concept that we have implemented in order to assist management in distributing door to door notices to their tenants. We provide this additional service along with our door to door trash collection. It permits you to provide tenants with important information on construction, events, or other issues. Our employees will distribute a flier on each door as they collect trash. This service will allow your management team to direct their attention to other issues.

Cigarette Waste Removal

Cigarette Waste Removal Amarillo
  • We provide smoking receptacles to eliminate accumulation of cigarette butts on-site. These receptacles can be installed in a location of your choice. Our team will service these receptacles on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday in conjunction with tenants’ trash removal. By having a convenient location for smoking receptacles, smokers will have access to quick disposal of cigarette butts which will help prevent buildup in the parking lots, entry ways and prevent potential fires.