How it Works

Garbage is sealed in a trash bag and placed within a Western Valet Maintenance logo trashcan outside the door of the residence between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Normally, trash is picked up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Additional trash pickup days may be negotiated through your residence. If you have any questions, please contact us at (806)368-5878.

Trash is collected by our staff and delivered to the dumpster at night. The trashcans are returned to the doors of the tenants. Trashcans need to be placed back inside by the tenant the next morning prior to 9:00 AM.

You must use the trash can with our Western Valet Maintenance logo in order for us to dispose of your waste. If you have more than one bag of trash, then you may place your own trashcan next to your Western Valet Maintenance logo trash can. All trash must be in a can to avoid leaks. Please put an extra trash bag around any leaking trash bags. If you do not have a trashcan, then you may be able to purchase a trashcan through us or temporarily put a piece of cardboard on the concrete and place the trash sack on top of it.

All trash must be able to stay in the trash sack and should not rip when carried. For items over 40lbs, please call our corporate line and we can contact you about our bulk waste removal services. Please limit trash to items usually disposed of as garbage throughout the week.

For Doorstep Recycling

  • Be sure to label your trash bag as recyclables in order for us to dispose of them in the proper facility.
  • We accept glass, cans, paper and cardboard. All of these can be mixed together in the same bag.
  • We do not accept or recycle electronics, greasy paper or pizza boxes, oils, and other chemicals not typically recycled.
  • Other items not accepted include: motor oil containers, butter or margarine containers, lids, plastic sacks, styrofoam, plastic toys, poison or pesticide bottles.
  • Please have all items dried and unsoiled. Rinse bottles and crush aluminum cans when possible.
  • Recyclables are picked up on the same day as the trash.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your recycling needs then you can call us on our corporate line at (806) 368-5878.